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AME Alignment

Professional Development for Districts and Schools from AME Institute

Support your Arts, Media, and Entertainment teachers with ongoing professional development throughout the school year from AME Institute. AME teachers will align their CTE pathways with the new CA-AME standards, engage with statewide communities of practice and professional learning, and develop local pathways that prepare students for careers in the creative industries.


AME Alignment consists of 3 on-campus inservice days and the CAMEO Virtual Learning Series. We highly encourage teachers to also attend the AME Institute Burbank.

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Throughout the year, AME teachers will:

1 / Define high-quality AME for their district and school and identify growth areas

2 / Examine and local and state labor data and use that data to inform programming decisions
3 / Explore the new CA-AME Standards and align them to existing AME curriculum
4 / Explore and plan work-based learning opportunities
5 / Connect with exemplary program(s) and potential industry partners
6 / Identify and develop curriculum collaboration opportunities
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