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March 10, 2023

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Activating Student Voice Using Soundtrap

Student voice, storytelling and audio narratives can all be recorded and shared using Soundtrap. To support students in creating powerful stories for the KQED Youth Media Challenges and beyond, the Soundtrap for EDU team will share with participants what can be done when incorporating this digital audio recording tool into their classrooms. Participants will leave with new ideas and creative resources to capture stories and inspire students to share their cultures and experiences.

Best Practices in Dual Enrollment

This panel will explore partnerships between community colleges and high school AME pathways. Our conversation will focus on the successes of these collaborations and best practices in dual enrollment. We will also explore strategies to increase student enrollment and strengthen the pipeline from high school to community college.

Empower Students with Career Self-Management Skills

Inspire and engage your students by helping them develop career self-management skills. Session attendees will learn how California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) program’s free resources can be used to help students assess their career related interests, relate their school experiences to career goals, and develop Career Action Plans. Session handout will provide a summary overview of all CalCRN resources. Visit the CalCRN website at to learn more.

Interactive 3D in the Classroom: Bringing Out the Creator in All Students

This session will introduce educators and school leaders to interactive 3D and real-time technology across various industries, including advertising, game development, architecture, engineering, automotive, film, and entertainment. The workshop will share teaching resources using Fortnite Creative, Twinmotion, and Unreal Engine. Educators will leave with an understanding of the suite of Epic Games’ 3D interactive resources and the potential they have to prepare students for real-world skills using industry-standard tools.

A Model of Work-Based Learning: OSA Production Design

Jean-Francois Revon has built a program that ​simulates real world work environments and relies on dynamic partnerships with IATSE Local 107 and Another Planet Entertainment. In this session, you will hear from Jean-Francois and his collaborators as they discuss how his students learn all aspects of producing shows and events, from the initial concept ideas and designs to the finishing touches. ​Hear how his students gain practical experience on state-of-the-art equipment and develop skills that are valuable in the real-world job market. ​And get a sneak peak into the Fox Theatre, the real-world classroom (and Oakland landmark) where OSA Production Design​ students have internships and job-shadow experiences.

Preparing for Creative Careers with Adobe Creative Cloud: Video & Motion Design

Please join us for a session exploring creating video with the industry standard app, Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll learn how to engage your classes with inspiring, ready-made activities and resources building which you can use in the classroom. And we’ll introduce you to the Adobe Creative Careers Curriculum which provides you with powerful, project-based learning for your classroom which can support students as they learn, developing essential skills, critical thinking and creative problem solving, communicating clearly and collaborating effectively. The Adobe Creative Careers Curriculum is the perfect starting point for your students’ journey towards certification.

The Importance of Storytelling in Career Planning

One of the greatest challenges in career planning is getting students to envision themselves in the job they want to have. Too often students of color, female-identified, and under-resourced students do not see themselves in entertainment or media careers because they do not hear and see stories about folks like them in these professions. How can a student approach the writing and design of their résumé, portfolio, and demo reel in a way that is exciting for them and engages potential employers? Join this discussion about embracing storytelling as a career planning strategy and problem-solve new ways to integrate storytelling into the career planning you do with your students.

VFX Careers with Indusrial Light and Magic

Since 1975, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has set the standard for visual effects, creating some of the most stunning images in the history of film. At the forefront of the digital revolution, ILM continues to break new ground in the field not only in visual effects but now virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive entertainment, and virtual production. Join Rose Duignan, producer of special effects for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and production supervisor for Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, as she speaks with two current employees about the skills needed to get work in the industry, opportunities for training, and what it's like to work in this iconic creative environment.

AME Field Trip: ACME Scenery Company

Established in 1989, ACME Scenery Co. resides in a 13,200 sq. ft. industrial space in Berkeley, California. Truly a full service scene shop, this state of the art wood, metal, and paint shops offer the very finest in quality craftsmanship in all areas of the scenic arts. ACME's art direction, set design, production design, custom fabrication, special effects, and scenic painting craftspeople work on a diverse range of projects for film and television, corporate events, and retail. Join our tour of this facility and see how ACME's talented designers, carpenters, welders, and painters can create anything from an animatronic chorus line to hell frozen over!

Drawn Together: Using Drawing to Collaborate, Innovate and Learn

Matthew Carlson never stopped drawing, on whiteboards, posters and post-its. At Twitter, Facebook, and now as Director of User Experience Design at Adobe, Matthew has used drawing to focus design, project management, and engineering teams and drive collaboration and outcomes. His approach is simple: to solve complex problems and move away from the abstraction and acronyms of coding, it is important to get back to the basics of visual storytelling. Join Matt as he teaches a hands-on masterclass about the whiteboard and learn how educators can use this visual storytelling tool to teach young designers how to collaborate, problem solve, and develop their ideas.

H2E2 Grantee Session


This session for H2E2 Grantees will be used to discuss best practices, challenges, and ways to map and measure impact.

Introducing Digital Storytelling with Adobe Express for Core Content and English Teachers

Join us for a hands-on introduction to Adobe Express, a free tool for digital storytelling and collage. In this session you will discover how Adobe Express has everything students and educators need to tell their story with graphics, photos, and videos all in one place. You'll learn from expert educators about how students can quickly and easily transform essays, student writing, lab reports, posters, worksheets, presentations, and other common classroom projects into dynamic web pages, infographics, videos, posters, visual reports, and more.

Photogrammetry with Unreal Engine- Digitalizing the Real World

Students are immersed in digital content and experiences. New software can now turn real-world objects into digital assets that can be used in student learning and storytelling. Participants will learn about the power of Interactive 3D in the classroom and how photogrammetry is used to create digital assets. In this workshop, educators will see how we can use photogrammetry to turn a physical object into digital assets with tools as simple as your phone. We will explore the Interactive 3D tools that can be used to tell stories using these new assets.

Scholastic Esports: A New Way to Connect Students to CTE

Learn how you can use esports as a platform for students to acquire critical communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. NASEF sees value in video games beyond play alone and offers curriculum that intertwines esports and education. The session will share firsthand experiences and research to demonstrate how students found a new passion for learning, and how the esports ecosystem can be leveraged in clubs or classes to teach foundational STEAM, ELA, CTE and SEL skills.

Uplifting Young Designers of Color with Inneract Project

Join Maurice Woods, founder of Inneract Project and Microsoft Principal Designer, his student, and Tacy Trowbridge, Design Educator and former Global Education Lead for Adobe, for a conversation about empowering young designers of color. Learn about the vision and work of Inneract Project and explore the impact these programs have had on youth. Educators will leave this session inspired with strategies and ideas about how to empower young designers of color both inside and outside their classroom walls.

Women's Audio Mission

Join Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) for a panel conversation with two former WAM interns as they share their stories of the audio, STEM, and real world education that has most impacted their pathway into the world of work in the audio and music fields. This panel discussion will be moderated by Carol Varney, Interim Director of Strategy and Development at WAM, with panelists Dani Arevalos, a former WAM intern and San Francisco State student, as well as Audrey Howard, a former WAM intern and current Test Engineer with the Science Team at Dolby. The conversation will cover pathways taken from middle through high school, college, internships, and into the workforce, and there will be plenty of time reserved for your questions!

A Conversation about Apprenticeship with Steve Isaacs & Jake Schoneker

As Education Programming Manager for Epic Games, Steve Isaacs cares deeply about building a better pipeline through public education to careers in gaming, animation, and VFX. Jake Schoneker, Executive Director of Oakland media training center Youth Beat, is eager to create accessible entry points for his students into these fields. Join these two for a conversation about their roles in the first-ever registered apprenticeship program in the state of California. Learn more about the coalition of industry, government, and nonprofit organizations that made this happen and learn how AME programs in public schools can align with these registered youth apprenticeships.

Empowering Student Arts Advocates

Learn about Create CA’s standards-based Advocacy 101 curriculum that lifts up student voice and empowers youth advocates to create change. Our session will provide tools and resources you can use in your classrooms to guide students in advocating for themselves and arts education. We will close the session with a hands-on activity from the curriculum that will inspire you to support student arts leaders!

Hip Hop Resources with Special Guest Donté Clark 

In this session we will review educational resources to support the integration of Hip Hop in the curriculum. And we'll celebrate the amazing work of Richmond-born artist,  Donté Clark. Donté has written 3 stage productions: Te’s Harmony which is also featured in the award-winning documentary Romeo Is Bleeding, executively produced by Russell Simmons, Po’Boys Kitchen, and This is Home. He has released 3 collections of poetry. KNOWFREEDOM 2018, CLOSE CASKETS 2021, followed up with his most recent collection, PSALMS.

Leading with Inquiry: Project-Based Learning in the Arts

This workshop centers on the topic of “inquiry-forward” art-making. Often when we think of our AME curriculum, we describe projects in terms of the medium, or technique that it centers, which can be a great place to start. However, in this workshop, participants are invited to think of (the AME classroom as a simulated workplace and) AME projects as a problem that students will solve through lines of inquiry, while journeying through media, content and standards that will help them tackle a guiding question.


During our time together, we will explore an “inquiry-forward” project from multimedia teacher Sydney Barnett and unpack the key elements of high-quality project-based learning. Teachers will have time to discuss the Project-Based Learning Framework and brainstorm their own inquiry question to take back to their students. All participants will be given access to our “Leading with Inquiry” toolkit that will include both teacher and student-facing tools.

Preparing for Creative Careers with Adobe Creative Cloud: Graphics and Illustration

Join us for a session exploring graphic design with the industry standard app, Adobe Photoshop. You’ll learn how to engage your classes with inspiring, ready-made activities and resources building which you can use in the classroom. We’ll introduce you to the Adobe Creative Careers Curriculum which provides you with powerful, project-based learning for your classroom which can support students as they learn, developing essential skills, critical thinking and creative problem solving, communicating clearly and collaborating effectively. The Adobe Creative Careers Curriculum is the perfect starting point for your students’ journey towards certification.

Studio T: A Masterclass in Community Transformation

Don't miss your chance to move with "Miss Tee" Sandifer and hear her speak about the Studio T programs that transform communities across the country. Originally established as an elite training facility specializing in hip hop and urban dance instruction, Studio T Arts has expanded to provide resources to families and valuable career development skills to students in creative entrepreneurship, brand development, social media marketing, productions for TV shows, videography, deejaying, graphic design, website development, and so much more. In this session, you'll have fun, move your body, and learn why Forbes Magazine named Miss Tee among the inaugural For(bes) The Culture 50 Champions list "Introducing the Black and Brown leaders making the most impact through their capital, creativity, connections and commitment."

Unleash the Power of Student Voice with KQED's Youth Media Challenges

Creating space for students to share their ideas, knowledge, views, and hopes for the future allows them to bring their whole selves into your classroom. KQED’s Youth Media Challenges are designed to strengthen traditional and media literacy skills, and create a supportive learning environment for all students. This session, designed to be paired with Soundtrap’s workshop on Activating Student Voice Using Soundtrap, will focus on youth media challenges that center student voice through audio storytelling. You’ll leave inspired by student voices from around the country and set up to make media with our partner Soundtrap in their session immediately following.

Write to Picture: The Art of Film, TV, and Media Scoring

Join this comprehensive discussion for AME educators to explore the art of film, TV, and media scoring. From writing music to enhance the emotions and atmosphere of the visuals to advanced techniques in orchestration and sound design, this program will cover essential elements of creating dynamic and engaging soundtracks.


Discover the key skills and techniques used by professional composers, including how to construct emotional arcs and create musical themes that support the story. Explore different music styles and genres, and how they can be applied to different visual media, as well as the technical aspects of recording, editing, and mixing music for film, TV, and games.


Whether you're a game design, film, or music teacher, this discussion offers you the tools and inspiration to support your students' dreams of joining the exciting world of media scoring.

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